Increasing contributions in private health insurance: Quality pays off anyway

Some private health insurers will adjust their contributions in 2018. For many insured, this means reaching deeper into your pocket. So many private patients should therefore look around for a new insurer. But the private health insurance (PKV) should convince next to the price above all by quality. A new test finds the best provider for this.

  • In 2018, many people will have to pay more for their private health insurance and therefore probably think of a change.
  • A new test checks which insurers offer private patients the best quality.
  • With which providers interested parties receive both top services and favorable contributions, they learn with an individual private health insurance offer.

With the approaching turn of the year, some private health insurers have announced that they will adjust their contributions in 2018. While not many changes for some of the approximately 8.77 million private patients, individual companies are turning to the price screw.

For many insured, this is reason enough to look for a new private health insurance. In addition to more favorable contributions, however, willing-and-willing people should not forget that the new company also offers them a good quality . Among other things, this includes financial stability so that the insurer can keep the contributions as constant as possible. Because “it does not help customers to buy a top product that does not meet expectations in the long term,” emphasizes the Institute for Pension and Financial Planning (IVFP). This has therefore examined 33 private health insurances in terms of their company quality under the magnifying glass.

Private health insurers under scrutiny: quality must be right

In the current rating, the quality of the insurers was examined on the basis of the four sub-areas stability, security, earning power and market success or customer satisfaction . Among other things, it was important for the experts to know how many insured the company has and what premium it can generate within a financial year. It was also a look at the future development thrown.

Likewise, the IVFP has examined in private health insurance test to what extent the insurers share customers in their generated surpluses. Another important aspect of the rating was the rate of customer complaints submitted to the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht by the respective companies.

Private Health Insurance Tested: Best Company Quality at R + V

In general, the companies are rating positively. So no provider is rated worse than 2.8. The best result was achieved by the R + V with an overall grade of 1.3 . Close behind, six insurers share second place with a grade of 1.4:

  • alliance
  • Old Oldenburgers
  • DEVK
  • LVM
  • Provincial
  • Signal Iduna

A further 16 companies are rated better than 2.0, so that in comparison almost 70 percent of the private health insurers surveyed convince with a good or very good result.

Service: You want a private health insurance, which offers you the best quality and at the same time is cheap? With a personal PKV offer, you will find the provider that fits exactly to your wishes.

Best PKV providers convince in several investigations

Some of the best private health insurers in the rating have already convinced with their company quality in a previous test by very good results. With Signal Iduna, R + V and Allianz, three of the top providers from the IVFP rating are back in a test run by the German Financial Services Institute. In addition to the financial stability, the product quality and service areas were added to the overall assessment of the company’s quality.

Health Insurance Discounts – These Tiny Problems Go An Extended Way

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Health insurance coverage: Are usually several tips you need understand and implement in case you are genuinely invested in getting considerable discounts. I’ll discuss a bit of them in this particular article.

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