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Debt restructuring: the loan that tidies up the accounts – Debt Consolidation

Until a few years ago it was quite simple to have access to credit made available by banks and financial companies also because there were numerous tools to be able to obtain a personal loan (see also I need money). Loans were subscribed without any real awareness of what was being exposed economically and this meant that many families found themselves in difficulty, in an over-indebted situation difficult to manage. Similar problems also occurred on the corporate side with a consequent severe crisis, which often also aggravated the situation with Equitalia (see also Balance and excerpt).

Even if of small entity, in fact, when the installments are numerous it can be difficult to cope with all of them every month for a consumer, not to mention that the possible non-payment of some of them leads to an increase in the amount to be returned between more and penalties.

All of this can be solved by resorting to a loan and / or mortgage for debt restructuring so as to be able to reorganize the amount due to banks and financial institutions to be able to manage and repay it.

What’s this?


Debt Restructuring or Debt Consolidation is a particular loan that is requested with the aim of extinguishing all outstanding debt positions and consolidating all existing installments into a single monthly installment, of lesser amount than the sum of the previous ones.

This is possible because the duration of the contract is extended and it is therefore possible to spread the due over time allowing the debtor to bear the expense and avoiding him becoming insolvent.

Financial products

Financial products

Even though Debt Consolidation is a product specifically designed to allow us to cope with loans that have got out of hand, this does not mean that it is granted easily. In fact, the institutions granted carry out the usual checks that are regularly made to verify the credit reputation of the applicant and if the latter is a little compromised, it is not easy to obtain the loan (see also How to get out of debt).

Let’s see together what are the financial products that can be used to carry out a Debt Restructuring operation:

  • the personal loan in the form of the “moving” loan, which is also the one granted with greater difficulty as it is the most risky for the bank, since it does not have secure guarantees; it allows to obtain not very high sums, while for the durations we are also up to 8/10 years. This is a solution that allows you to improve the conditions of the existing loan agreement, thus obtaining a more sustainable installment;
  • mortgage for consolidation, mortgage type and, therefore, safer for the bank; the sums that can be requested can also be large since the property acts as a guarantee and provides lower rates and more favorable conditions than a simple personal loan;
  • the assignment of the fifth, the loan dedicated to employees for an indefinite period (with some restrictions, even for a fixed term) and to pensioners in which the amount of the loan installment is withheld directly from the paycheck or pension which are valid as collateral; they are the easiest loans to obtain, they are also granted to bad payers and usually offer affordable rates.

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