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Loan costs

Loan costs

  First Parameters of the loan
Amount 5000 PLN
Period 50 days
Expense PLN 0
To repay 5000 PLN

Our company is a credit intermediation service that allows you to find offers that meet the individual needs of consumers. Even people who do not have high creditworthiness have a chance to inject cash. The company specializes in short-term loans online. In her offer you will find payday loans up to PLN 100 to 5,000. New customers can borrow up to 5,000 PLN completely free. A characteristic feature is the exceptional repayment period, which ranges from 5 to as many as 50 days.

How to get a payday loan step by step?

Taking a payday at our company is extremely simple. After submitting the application, the website will select the most credible and recognized credit institutions, and then present us with the best loan option. After accepting the terms of the agreement, the answer will reach us in just 5 minutes. our company will make it easier to find an instant loan for proof of cash sources even for persons with a debt collector.

How to take out a loan? It is enough in order:

  • register on the our company website,
  • choose the amount and loan repayment period by means of the sliders,
  • accept the offer
  • verify your data,
  • wait for a money transfer to your account.

When deciding on non-bank loans, we should only choose the best offers. our company is a service that will analyze the loan market for us. After logging in to the website, we have the option to choose the required loan amount and its repayment time. If we use the offer for the first time, we have a chance to spend between 100 and 5000 PLN for free. With the second commitment, we can already apply for a maximum amount of PLN 5000 for 50 days. The next step is to fill in the registration form, which requires only personal data and the amount of monthly earnings. A certificate from the employer is not necessary and the company accepts a wide range of income sources.

Submitting applications at our is possible 24/7, but they are only analyzed during business hours. Based on the data from the application, our company selects the best offer and after a few minutes presents it to the client. If the borrower accepts the terms of the contract, he is redirected to the website of the selected loan company. There is the completion of all formalities, including identity verification. Its method depends on the selected lender, the most popular is a traditional verification transfer or a quick verification by a mobile application.

After completing all formalities, the money is immediately transferred to the borrower’s account. The transfer can take several to 24 hours. Regular customers can receive money in just 5 minutes. All credit bureaus are presented in a clear and direct manner before submitting the application. What’s more, the use services does not generate any costs. The whole payment process must be carried out between the user and the institution that approved the personal loan.

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